Executive Leadership

Code 3 Security & Protection Services History and Background Inf
Mr. Keith Lynn

Mr. Keith Lynn has spent over 28 years working in a number of roles throughout the security services industry. Mr. Lynn’s security began in 1992 when he was hired as a security guard at a maximum security prison. He continued to work in that capacity until he was hired by the Washington D.C Metropolitan Police Department where he served as a highly decorated police officer until 2002 when he started Code 3 Security.

Markus Caldwell
VP, Global Sales

Vahid Memic
VP, Mid-Atlantic Region

chris portrait
Mr. Chris S.

Mr. Chris S. has over 22 years in security including military and as a private security contractor. He has worked in many capacities in the security arena to include, but not limited to, PSS, EP, FP, mobile security, security advisor, building training programs, business development, and working in a variety of senior management positions. He is the Chief Instructor for Code 3 Tactical Academy.

USCCA NRAInstructor (1)

Michelle Zerbe