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Executive Protection is needed now more than ever. Executive Protection, also known as Close Personal Protection, refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIP’s and other individuals who may be exposed to an elevated level of risk.

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A Highly Trained Executive Protection Team
Our team prides itself on an earned reputation of protecting clients without drawing unwanted attention. We provide our clients with highly trained and experienced personal protection specialists who take pride in their profession of providing a high level of service. Code 3 Security utilizes experienced professionals, including members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and Law Enforcement.

We select the best personnel for each assignment focusing on ability to analyze and think through situations in a professional manner as opposed to an individual that may look the part, but may not handle the situation professionally.
We offer visible or discreet protective services to clients all over the globe, who may be exposed to increased risk due to:

  • Profession
  • Celebrity Status
  • Wealth
  • Associations
  • Geographical Location
Code 3 Security’s executive protection specialists primarily have military experience, are current law enforcement officers and provide personal security services with discretion, professionalism, and sound judgment. By using current veterans or law enforcement officers that have been trained as protection specialists, we have the ability to provide armed protection throughout the United States
Our officers regularly attend training to stay current on the most effective techniques. Our team members knowledge, ongoing training and expertise, allow them to take a common sense approach to our clients’ protection following industry standards best practices.


With 24-7 on-call service and full accountability for all our personnel through our GuardTrax guard tracking system, you can rest assured of a successful partnership with Code 3 Security.

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Our Process

Code 3 Security’s impeccable track record of providing executive security follows our highly effective security program development process. The first step in establishing a complete executive protection program is conducting an objective evaluation. This evaluation is designed to pinpoint security hazards that executives may encounter in both regular and non-regular circumstances.

The security evaluation focuses on components such as: work schedule, office location and layout, business operating environments, and non- business related activities. Our evaluation process is considered to be among the best in the industry.

Based on our findings, a security expert will present recommendations on how to reduce potential threats and effect appropriate response techniques designed to thwart potential risks. Code 3 Security strives to offer you the highest level of Executive Protection Services, and deliver the peace of mind you deserve.


Providing Executive Protection

Our primary goal is the safety of our clients and their families, while allowing them to live their day to day lives as normally as possible. Our primary concerns often focus on protecting our clients from assassination, kidnapping, injury, and embarrassment. Code 3 Security specializes in providing discreet protection focused on recognizing and proactively addressing any threats against our clients. This includes showing presence when needed or providing discreet (shadow) protection for more low level operations.

Our elite team is committed to our clients’ safety and will proactively recognize and address potential threats. Our executive protection specialists have provided protection for:

Fortune 500 CEOs

NFL Stars


Government/Federal VIPs

Foreign Dignitaries

High Profile/High Threat Lobbying Groups

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