Interview & Selection Process
Code 3 Security understands that excellence requires individuals of the highest caliber. Subsequently, we have developed a meticulous interview and selection process. Upon completion of the interview process, the most qualified individuals are selected for employment as security guards. As a result of this pain-staking process, only individuals that demonstrate dependability and reliance are assigned to our client’s facilities. Approximately 15%-20% of all applicants progress past this stringent process and are offered employment opportunities. The presence of our security guards means that the best security force available is at work for you.

Step 1: Application Procedures


Code 3 Security is an equal opportunity employer which recruits potential employees with-in the local marketplace. Only select candidates who apply for employment reach the initial interview process. These candidates are required to complete a series of forms that are then reviewed by a Human Resources Specialist. If the candidate’s application meets our demanding employment requirements, an initial interview is granted.

Candidates for employment provide Code 3 Security with a wide array of personal information which allows us to perform a comprehensive evaluation. All applicants are required to provide the following:

  • Foot and vehicle patrols
  • Escort services
  • Customer greeting
  • Video surveillance
  • Crowd control

Code 3 Security requires that our unarmed security guards are no younger than 20 years of age and posses a high school diploma. Armed security guards are required to be 21 years of age and posses a high school diploma. Veterans with dishonorable discharge conditions are not considered for employment.

Step 2: Interview Procedures


Initial interviews are conducted by Human Resource Specialists who evaluate applicants for dependability, character and professional appearance. Selected applicants that progress to the next stage of the interview process are subjected to in-depth interviews conducted by security supervisors. Thorough screening and interviewing processes help to ensure that only the top applicants are considered as Code 3 Security employees.

Step 3: Investigation Procedures


Criminal Background Check– We conduct a statewide criminal history check to uncover convictions, or arrests not discovered in earlier investigations. Code 3 Security does not employ anyone convicted of a criminal offense. Candidates with no criminal background are proven to be less prone to temptation than those candidates with a history of criminal activity.

Character Reference Check– A minimum of three personal references are contacted via telephone to help identify the applicant’s character. The report resulting from this investigation helps to establish how the applicant manages personal and fiscal responsibility.

Previous Employment Report– All former employers (with-in the past ten years) are contacted and surveyed in regards to the applicant’s work ethic. For periods in excess of 30 days of unemployment or self-employment, the applicant must provide a non-relative reference who can verify his or her status during the period of time being referenced. The Previous Employment Report lists numerous items related to each former employer contacted, and establishes a working index of the applicant’s dependability and honesty.

Driving Record Report– Prior to any employee being assigned to a motorized patrol, a complete driving record check is conducted. This component of the investigation process is designed to ensure that individuals with less than perfect driving records are not assigned to operating motor vehicles while on duty. Updated driving record checks are conducted every two years.

Step 4: Validation Procedures


Code 3 Security creates both a photographic and fingerprint record of all applicants. Additional sets of fingerprint records are sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the appropriate state police investigation center(s) for complete background checks. Photographic and fingerprint records of all applicants are kept for a minimum of three years.

Step 5: Drug Testing Procedures


Where the law allows, Code 3 Security administers a full panel drug test to all applicants. In addition to pre-employment drug testing, all employees are subject to subsequent drug testing. Code 3 Security maintains its drug-free work environment through the use of an independent testing program.

Step 6: Acceptance and Review Procedures


In an effort to maintain consistency and precise implementation of the five (5) preceding steps, members of the Executive Management Staff evaluate the file of every security guard hired. By verifying that proper employment decisions are consistently made in all of our offices, Code 3 Security ensures a continuous quality improvement process. Code 3 Security relies on highly-trained, top quality security guards to protect your employees, residents, assets and intellectual property.