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Code 3 Security’s K-9 Security division is effective and professional, offering the highest form of K-9 Security Services. Our K-9 Security employs German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s that provide a wide array of K-9 Security Services. Our professionally trained dogs can locate illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, LSD, and Ecstasy), hidden weapons (pistols, rifles, etc.), and explosive devices (compounds and core odors of all commonly used military and civilian substances) in any environment. See what our K-9 Security can do for you!

K-9 Security for Patrol, Narcotics and Explosive Detection, and the Clearing of Buildings

K-9 Security Services
Code 3 Security’s K-9 Security Services consist of German Shepherds and Rottweilers that provide a wide array of K-9 services. All employed K-9’s have professional handlers that ensure the client’s objectives are obtained in a safe manner.

Code 3 Security’s K-9 Security Services include Patrolling, Narcotics Detection, Explosive Detection, and Clearing of Buildings. All of our dogs have been taught to passively alert their handlers in an effort to reduce situational anxiety and prevent property damage. Our Elite K-9 Security division provides highly effective and professionally trained dogs to suit your security needs.

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Our K-9 Security unit patrols areas on foot in conjunction with their armed handlers. Patrol dogs are often used to control crowds at special events, deter crime in volatile areas, and locate suspects that may be hiding.
Code 3 Security’s K-9 Security Services include narcotics detection. Our K-9 Security unit is specially trained in the detection of illegal drug and other substances. Narcotic Detection dogs may be used to search lockers, packages, vehicles, persons, buildings and other environments deemed necessary.
Code 3 Security’s K-9 Security Division is specially trained in the detection of explosive devices and substances. Explosive Detection dogs are most often used prior to executive business conferences and political events.
Code 3 Security’s K-9 Security Task Force dogs may be used to clear numerous types of structures to include office buildings. Our K-9’s are able to locate individuals who are strategically positioned on the premises.
At Code 3 Security, we don’t accept revenue from capital investments. We are a privately owned company founded by Mr. Keith Lynn in 2002, and incorporated in 2004. As a leading provider of Security Services in the United States, Code 3 Security instills trust, integrity, and respect in every interaction we make.
Recognized as a leader in security, our elite team of professionals and K-9 unit experts offer the comfort of peace of mind that you deserve. We are a quality driven company that operates under the highest industry standards to provide security services that best fit your needs. Click here to learn about our Elite team.


With 24-7 on-call service and full accountability for all our personnel through our GuardTrax guard tracking system, you can rest assured of a successful partnership with Code 3 Security.

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