Safeguarding Our Integrity

Integrity is one our core values and is an integral part of our strategy on which we carry out our business.

Ethical business is not simply a solution to legal compliance. It is a means of doing business that provides customers, that will not compromise its integrity. The following examples highlight Code 3 Security’s commitment to safeguard its integrity:


Code 3 Security has developed a culture of high ethical standards and operational practices. Company policies and procedures take great care to safeguard our integrity, particularly in regard to key areas of business ethics, anti-corruption and human rights.

We have a strong code of ethics based on four key principles

  • Safety and Security
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness
  • Fairness and Consideration of Others
  • Standards of Professionalism

This is part and parcel of a comprehensive Business Ethics Policy that provides detailed guidance for managers on expected business standards. Each year, managers are required to commit to playing their part in ensuring compliance with the policy within their area of responsibility.

The importance of ethical behavior is reinforced in recruitment processes, employee induction and on-boarding, employment contracts, staff handbooks, general training and communications practices.

Where non-compliance with ethical standards is identified, we take great care to investigate issues, take immediate corrective action and learn from our experiences. This may be through our internal audit function, externally appointed auditors or, in some cases, independent external specialists.

Risk Management

Code 3 Security has in place a general business risk assessment approach. A key feature is the requirement for our businesses to routinely assess and report on their risks, including the actions they are taking to mitigate these risks to an acceptable level. Risks are also assessed and reported on at a regional and group level.

“Whistle Blowing” & Self-Regulation

To ensure compliance with our business ethics code and policies, we provide whistle-blowing outlets, so violations can be reported confidentially and investigated thoroughly.

Code 3 Security requires all businesses to provide employees the ability to report concerns locally to a senior manager. Such issues might include alleged fraud, misrepresentation, theft, harassment, discrimination or non-compliance with regulations, legislation, policies or procedures.

Employees who have concerns about behavior which is contrary to the group standards are advised to raise their concerns, anonymously if they wish, with their local human resources or finance director in the first instance. Alternatively they can raise concerns through the local business telephone hotline or email address. Whistle-blowing reports or allegations received from third parties are taken very seriously and are investigated and appropriate action taken.