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Bringing the armed mindset to unarmed security!

Code 3 Security began as an off duty police security company. In 2004 we added unarmed security to the list of services we provide. We believe strongly in a rigorous selection process and ongoing training to produce the best security specialist available. We have brought the same level of professionalism and training used with our off duty officers to our unarmed team, setting them apart from your typical security guard.

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Not your average security guard!
We have taken a unique approach to building our non-law enforcement team and feel that it sets us apart from our competitors. Most of our unarmed team are former military or military reservists and have a strong drive to excel. They often work alongside our security officers, and several are being actively mentored by our former military and former law enforcement officers. We believe in hands-on training that continues throughout their career with Code 3 Security.

Our security guards serve a variety of property types with individualized approaches suited to the specifics of your business type.
Code 3 Security undertakes a rigorous startup process focused on determining your unique needs. A comprehensive on-site security assessment helps us develop a site operation plan customized to the location. We follow that up with transition planning, officer recruitment and training, and implementation of hardware and technologies.
Our focus on communication and feedback is a key element of our approach to creating successful relationships with all of our clients. We use an internal system to measure our performance and conduct regular security personnel reviews. We ask you how we’re doing, and ensure that we meet quarterly with your staff for review and updates. Quality assurance for our clients is of the utmost concern to Code 3 Security.
Code 3 Security can implement state-of-the-art GuardTrax technology onsite to track and ensure the performance of security personnel. Features like text message alerts, Internet connectivity, and real-time GPS alerts on guard position help you know without a doubt that Code 3 Security personnel are on the job at all hours.
We ensure professionalism of all of our officers through a rigorous training and vetting process. Our personnel are fully-versed in:

  • legal compliance
  • firearm safety
  • appropriate use of force and equipment
  • fire safety

We also offer extensive documentation and reporting in an effort to ensure the highest possible quality of service to our clients.


With 24-7 on-call service and full accountability for all our personnel through our GuardTrax guard tracking system, you can rest assured of a successful partnership with Code 3 Security.

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Our Guards Receive Regular Training:

  • Laws
  • Liability
  • Professionalism
  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Specific training to work in a cohesive unit with our officers and other first responders

Unmatched Professionalism!
Our guards are interested in a career with Code 3 Security, leading to a low rate of turnover. Our unarmed security officers have a stake in our client’s success. They know that we will take care of them and they are passionate about going above and beyond. We believe that having our unarmed team managed by our former military and former law enforcement officers which sets us apart from our competitors. We are able to provide a level of knowledge and professionalism to our unarmed guards that bring their skills up well beyond your standard security guard that might be from a larger competitor.